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No Boss, No Bus, No Rain, No Train

So as we come to the end of another eventful year I’m hoping 2018 will be just as exciting as we launch STED Interiors. At the age of 58 Morrissey is still making great music and at the tender age of 44 (45 in 2 weeks) I have decided it was time I did something for myself, something for my family and something that I can be proud of.

Why do I mention Morrissey, well because I have been a diehard fan since the age of 10 when I first heard This Charming Man right up to the present day as he has just released his 13th album Low In High School. Even though I may not agree with his recent views and opinions his songs have always been with me at very important times of my life, most recently on his single Spent the Day In Bed – the lyric ”No Boss No Bus No Rain No Train” just stuck in my head and made me start to think that maybe he was saying to me – ”You need to do something Steve!”

So I have done something! Its taken a long time to realise that I could run my own business, put my nuts on the line and just have one last crack at some kind of success but this has only been made possible by having the right person behind me to give me the confidence & assurance that whatever I do will work out fine. Behind every great man (I’m not saying I’m a great man!) is always a great woman and this dream has only been made possible due to the most amazing woman I have ever met, my wife Tracey. I know this isn’t Facebook and I don’t even know if anyone will read this but what I am saying to you is believe in yourself and take that chance, chances are it will work out fine, you spend a lot of your life at work and you spend even more time dead so now is the time. End the year on a high and start the new year even higher! If you have a dream and are fed up with the Boss, the bus, the rain or the train get that business plan together, take it to whoever you need to to make it work and just go for it. Don’t spend the day in bed, get up early, catch the worm and do something for yourself……oh and don’t forget to make your bed before you leave the house! How soon Is Now……not soon enough!

Here’s to STED Interiors and the next (and hopefully final) chapter of my working life and to Mrs E, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Steve Edwards

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